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    + 3.5 to 5 years old + The Grasshoppers program is a one on one class designed to work on listening skills as well as command recognition. We also work to expand on cognitive abilities (color and shape recognition). + Meets once a week for a 20 minute session + Perfect preparation for the Little Lions program
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    Little Lions
    + 5 to 7 years old + Little Lions is a group program focusing on command recognition as well as social skills and introduction to the basics of martial arts. + Meets twice a week for 45 minute sessions + Excellent preparation for our Taekwondo program
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    Taekwondo Program
    + 7 and older + The Taekwondo program is designed to teach students focus, discipline, confidence, as well as enhancing basic listening skills. +Students will memorize sets of patterns to help them move up in ranks to get them reach the ultimate goal- Becoming a black belt! + Meets twice a week for 50 minute sessions
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    Teens and Adults
    + 14 and up +Our teens and adults go through our Taekwondo program at a much faster pace in each class. + Increase your strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. + Meets twice a week for 50 minute sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm.
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    Private Lessons
    +Private lessons available +Work with your favorite instructor to improve your skills and work through your challenges +Make up material from missed classes.
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